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My Favourite Companies:

Thomas Swan Scientific Equipment Ltd – This is probably the most important and influential small technology company in the UK today.

Subacoustech Ltd – The company has an exceptional founder with an exceptional technical capability and an innovation track record – across a broad range of technologies, too.

Mobile Sense Ltd – one of the UK's most ambitious phone services providers - a unique mobile phone payments service that is really taking off in 2008.

Ceravision Ltd – a breakthrough technology in high output lighting. All it needs is big customers..

Burgopak Ltd – an exciting packaging firm based in south-east London that has a first-class, tough-minded management team. One for the future.

Nanosight Ltd – The NanoSight is able to directly and individually detect, in real time, particles as small as 10nm in liquid. It is very low cost with minimal device complexity compared to existing alternatives, eg. electron microscopes.

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