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One Great Technology...

Thames Water is spending billions of pounds digging up London’s streets to ‘repair’ its Victorian sewage network. But one British firm has a proven technology – to line the pipes and thereby seal them – which could eliminate the need to dig up our roads.

But Thames Water won’t hear of it!

E Wood Limited won the Queen’s Award for Innovation Technology in 2006 for its technology. The accolade reflected many years of hard work involving lining products and lining coatings for existing water pipes.

Over the last 17 years, all water companies in the UK have been require to improve and upgrade their assets and in particular, the quality of their drinking water pipelines.

This has meant an extensive programme of work involving pipe replacement, or slip lining whereby a new pipe is inserted into the existing pipe and finally in-situ lining using a coating such as the one E Wood developed.

It is this latter technology which has taken the water industry by storm and which is creating such interest, not just in the UK but around the world.

From small beginnings in 1993 they are now supplying products to virtually every water company in the UK and in many cases its technology is the dominant feature of water pipeline rehabilitation and refurbishment.

Thames Water controls water pipelines and water distribution throughout the Greater London area but despite numerous meetings and many presentations, E Wood have made no progress. Thames Water still continue to use Dickensian technology to refurbish the pipe network within the City of London.

Thames Water intend to create mayhem and chaos through the City of London over the next 5 – 10 years as they dig up and replace the entire network which they claim is in poor condition.

The vast majority of the pipe network within the London area is in good condition and although the pipes are very often over 100 years old, they will last for another 100 or even 200 years with minor rehabilitation procedures.

E Wood’s new technology cleans the pipes underground and relines them with a coating they have developed. The whole network can be improved and upgraded with an expected life in excess of another 100 years and furthermore, the disruption to the good citizens of London would be reduced dramatically.

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